20 years later, you can collect replicas of the original 4 girls. From the sizzlin’ outfits to the trapezoid packaging, they’re near exact replicas of the dolls that started it all. Now in special edition holographic packaging!

In celebration of Bratz turning 20 yearz old, collect these special edition fashion dolls in gorgeous foil packaging, featuring a 20 yearz motif and collectible holographic poster

Sasha includes 2 outfits for tons of mix ‘n’ match possibilities! Also includes 2 pairs of shoes, hat, backpack, hair brush, and poster. Sasha’s fashion passion is urban streetwear like beanies and jean skirts! Her friends call her “Bunny Boo” because she hops to her own beat!

Collect the Whole Bratz Pack
#TBT when the Bratz made their super stylin’ debut in 2001! Celebrate 20 yearz of Bratz by collecting Jade, Sasha, Cloe and Yasmin. They’re the Girls with a Passion for Fashion!