Digging, digging, shoveling, loading – there is always something to do on the construction site and for this you need technology! The expert for these tasks is now available to your little design managers from the age of 3: FIRST Backhhoe Loader in bright yellow and with real sound looks like a real backhoe loader even in a small format and works accordingly. Your little ones have certainly often admired the large and powerful machines on the construction site and, among other things, excavators and loaders. With the First excavator, we now bring a special machine, which is safely noticeable by its design, home to your children’s room. Now the offspring can get at the wheel themselves and the children can try their way as real construction workers. The shape of the associated controller is reminiscent of a cordless screwdriver and thus fits perfectly into the hands of the construction experts of tomorrow!

Sealing everywhere
With the 2.4 GHz technology, your young excavator drivers can easily steer around the construction site on air-filled rubber tires. In addition, this technology enables several vehicles to drive independently of each other on the same route at the same time. This means that several friends of your children can also work on the construction site and thus get the job done faster together. The approximately 40.5 cm excavator is in use for up to 20 minutes at a time and carefully handles all orders. The powerhouse reaches up to 5 km/h in order to always stay in time and complete all work on time. With our First Excavator the construction can begin!