​The Hot Wheels  City Mega Garage playset is four levels of parking garage awesomeness! It comes with one 1:64 scale vehicle but can hold almost 60 more (additional cars sold separately). At the centre is a corkscrew elevator that carries cars between different floors and releases them onto a track. Kids control it with a hand-crank and determine whether cars continue to other adventures or if they roll into a parking spot where they’re put on display. Multiple connection points on the base allow kids to connect the playset to other Hot Wheels  sets (sold separately), and there are an additional four outlets to connect orange track pieces to it for the ultimate in stunting and building. One 1:64 scale Hot Wheels  vehicle in included for action right out of the box! Colours and decorations may vary. Key Features: ​The Hot Wheels  City Mega Garage playset features four-levels of excitement with an awesome corkscrew elevator, storage for more than 60 Hot Wheels  cars, and multiple connection points to create an epic Hot Wheels  build! ​Kids use a hand crank to control the corkscrew elevator that moves cars between the different levels, then releases them onto the track for the next adventure. ​The garage set comes with 1 1:64 scale Hot Wheels  vehicle and can accommodate more than 60 additional cars for super-awesome multi-car play (additional cars sold separately). ​Connect to other Hot Wheels  track sets (sold separately) through multiple connection points on the base. Kids can also connect iconic Hot Wheels  orange track pieces (sold separately) to outlets on each of the garage’s four levels for a bigger build-out. ​The Hot Wheels  City Mega Garage playset is a great gift for kids 4 years and older who love the incredible storytelling possibilities that Hot Wheels  inspires.