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With our award-winning Rock and Roll It Live Drum anyone can be a Rockstar! Made from silicone you can simply rock out and roll it up!

This is a real drum set made electronic with live drum graphics! The drums have a professional sound and feel. Easily learn to play the drums. Grab your Grab your drumsticks and become a star! Best of all the set comes with headphones so you wont distribute anyone while you are practising!

Play and practice anywhere. Perfect for fun, portable, on-the-go rock sessions! Features multiple drum sounds, professional demos, instrumental accompaniment tracks, record and playback, audio input and output, even connects to MP3!

Designated pads & pedals for Crash Cymbal, High Tom, Open/Close Hi-Hat, Snare, Pedal Hi-Hat, Dual Crash Cymbals, Low-Mid Tom, Ride Cymbal, Low Floor Tom, and Bass Drum.

The Live Drum set includes:

– Professional demos

– Multiple instrumental tracks

– Record and playback functions

– Multiple sound styles

– Audio input and output

– Connect your mp3 player!

– Battery & USB power supply

– Includes drum sticks, foot pedals, & headphones